MACLEANS The mayor who wants to fire the RCMP


vom 19.12.2018

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MACLEAN S General Dynamics warns Trudeau over Saudi deal: You break it, you bought it Politics Insider for Dec. 18: In Canada's disputes with China and Saudi Arabia the money speaks up, a warning from Poloz about a U .S.-China trade war, and now it pays to be bumped If an autonomous vehicle has an accident, who is legally responsible? Opinion: In the year ahead, lawyers, judges and politicians will have to start considering non-human decisions within the framework of human law—and they will fail Advertisement DAYS 500E OPT SPORTSNEE The B.C. mayor who promised to fire the RCMP An old hand in Surrey politics has found new life in the role of populist, socially liberal, law-and-order suburban disruptor The Liberals' disregard for workers' rights Tom Parkin: The Trudeau government ploughed over postal workers' well-established charter right to strike. It's been tried before and ends badly. MACLEANS University N*sletter: The Insider's Guide to Planning for University What it feels like to skydive for the first time If you're trying to summon the courage to go skydiving, living vicariously through these tandem jumpers may convince you to suit up. See all the smiles. from more than 3,500 m up, as these skydivers capture their epic jump with a GoPro camera. Advertisement ERIOUS ABOUT SPORTS by Liw•ntmt How real estate feeds the Canadian economy Real estate is more important to the Canadian economy than you think. Here's why. Advertisement O Follow us on Facebook e 2018 PRrACY POLICY - NEV.'SLETTER SIGNUP SUBSCRIBE TO THE MAGAZINE - UNSUBSCRIBE FROM MACLEAN'S DAILY ONE MOUNT PLEASANT ROAD. 8TH FLOOR. TORONTO, ON MAY 2Y5 LETTERS@MACLEANSCA