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vom 17.01.2018

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You'll NEED to try these View in browser Fitness Superstore NO-I NEED UP YOU ID TRAININ . New things to try in 2018 6. With January pitted as the month of new beginnings, what better time than now to try something new when it comes to your fitness programme? Hesitate no more. 2018 can be your year to give your training a lift and smash those goals... HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) HIIT is a training technique in which you give all-out, one hundred percent effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short recovery periods. HIIT workouts are usually between 10-25 minutes in length and keep your heart rate up to burn more fat in less time. Bowflex Max Trainer M 7 The king of HIIT! The Max Trainer blitzes 2.5x more calories than any other cardio machine and boasts a ground-breaking 14-minute MAX Interval m Workout. List price: f2,499.OO Our price: f 1,999.00 Save an extra 10% with c ode "NEWIO" Shop now Body Power Powabandz As lightweight as equipment comes, these resistance bands offer Incredible versatility. Perfect for HIIT and functional workouts, they're so simple but the effects are Immense. Available in 6 sizes. From: f5.99 Save an extra 6% with code "NEW6" Shop now Functional Fitness Bowflex Results Series BXT226 Folding Treadmill Bursting with exciting features including a motivational Burn Rate, lights and sounds, plus a HIIT programme built in, this is a fantastic option. List price: f2,299.OO Our price: fl,999.oo Save an extra 10% with code "NEWIO" Shop now Body Power Neoprene Covered Kettlebells Often used in HIIT workouts. This high-quality series from Body Power are made of solid cast iron with protective neoprene coating in stunning colours. Choose from 8 weight sizes. From: f10.oo Save an extra 6% with code "NEW6" Shop now Functional fitness is a focus on training regimes that prepare your body for real-life activities. These workouts often use both lower and upper body muscle groups at the same time. By simulating movements that you do every day at home, such as squatting to pick something up, you strengthen your muscles whilst reducing the risk of injury. Body Power Slam Balls If you're into your functional fitness, these slam balls belong in your home! Durable and with a dead bounce, they're ideal for slams and throws. From: f9.99 Save an extra 6% with "NEW6" Shop now code Body Power Tri-fold Mat A decent fitness mat is on most fitness enthusiasts' must-have list. Thick and comfortable, this foam- filled mat folds up, making it easy on the go. List price: f34.99 Our price: Q 1.99 Save an extra 10% with code "NEW6" Shop now Long-distance running Jordan 15m Training Rope The ideal partner for strength and endurance training. High quality natural Manilla rope with water- resistant nylon jacket ensure ultimate durability. Our price: f182.99 Save an extra 6% with code "NEW6" Shop now Jordan Performance Sled A great functional fitness tool for challenging the leg muscles and getting the heart rate up. Features a solid steel frame with a 140kg weight capacity. List price: f150.99 Our price: f150.40 Save an extra 6% with code "NEW6" Shop now Why not sign yourself up for your first 10k or half marathon, or perhaps just take up running to increase your overall stamina? Running is undeniably good for getting that heart rate up, increasing fitness and releasing those "happy hormone" pheromones. Something many of us could do with in January! Nautilus T628 Folding Treadmill Featuring a 3.5 CHP motor, Rebound Deck Cushioning System m , dual high resolution LCD displays, 26 programmes and a 12mph top speed, the T628 is an exceptional machine. List price: f2,199.OO Our price: fl,599.OO Save an extra 10% with code "NEWIO" Shop now Nordic Track T 7.0 Folding Treadmill Boasting 20 workout apps, iFite Bluetooth Smart (BLE) and iPod compatible audio with 2 - 3" speakers, the T 7.0 offers the perfect set up for your home workouts. List price: fl,299.OO Our price: E699.oo you save E600.OO Shop now Strength training Octane Zero Runner ZR7 Want to run but don't want the impact? Championed by Olympian Paula Radcliffe, the Zero Runner ZR7 delivers the ultimate zero-impact running experience. Get the natural feel - minus the impact. List price: f2,999.OO Our price: f2,599.OO Save an extra 10% with code "NEWIO" Shop now Sole F63 Folding Treadmill The F63 features a comfortable Cushion Flex Whisper Deck, 18km/h top speed, 15 level power incline, exciting programmes and integrated sounds system. List price: fl,899.OO Our price: 079.00 you save E920.OO Shop now Perhaps you're the master of cardio but know that strength training is something you ought to be doing to complement your training. Now's the perfect time to start, and it needn't be intimidating. Try these options to get yourself started. Body Power Rubber Hex Ergo Dumbbells Our best sellers, these cast iron dumbbells are super durable. Available from Ikg right up to 30kg, providing loads of scope for progression as you get stronger. From: f5.99 Save an extra 6% with code "NEW6" Shop now Body Power Solid 6ft Standard Bar Consistently rated 5*s by our customers, this standard bar is perfect for beginners and more seasoned weight trainers. Team with weights and off you go! List price: f39.99 Our price: f17.99 Save an extra 6% with code "NEW6" Shop now On the blo Body Power Standard Tri- grip Cast Plates Hugely popular, these weight plates are easy to handle. Teamed with a standard bar, start your free weight training with ease. Available from 1.25-25kg. From: f4.49 Save an extra 6% with code "NEW6" Shop now Powerline Folding Flat/lncline/Decline Bench A decent utility bench is a must. Fully folding, easily transportable and built with a solid structure, this bench is the perfect companion for your dumbbell set. List price: f209.OO Our price: f149.oo Save an extra 6% with code "NEW6" Shop now New fitness trends to try in 2018 From new and exciting workouts, to events you can't miss, 2018 is going to be a sweaty year! 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