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.com the digital bookstore Affiliate Program Dear Affiliate, Just a reminder, your subscrbers can chin a discount• on Reference eBooks this rrmth. Pkase see There are rWW 35,161 our Reference cateWy. To our or Reference ebooks. Monthly Special! 20% off in these categories. Use cotmn Category salecp at the detaås page to chin your dÉcount on any Of 10 August 2018 Edit my Subscription Unsubscribe New York Times Bestsellers vetsms of the New York Best Best Sellers I. mat Is Parachute? 2018 Booe5. Richard N. 2. Factfi*Ess - Roslinq. Hans:RosIing, Ola;RosIinq R Onnkmd. Anna 3. Lam Peter : Sh'.vel. Keith 4. Gmal Imstts For SOLE - The International Society of Lcgistics S. The Hob - Unknown these categorés: Music Reference Social Science Technology Transportation •A few pubishers dont Oxford Dictionary of Quotations 8e Kruywks Ekzabeth Oxford University Press The first edition ot the Oxford Dictionary ot Quotations was pubkhed in 1941 and tor over 70 years thß bestselling bcok has remaned unruaBed its coverage ot quotatOns past and present. The eOhth edibn a vast treasury ot How to Fix Absolutely Anything , corn; Srnith, .*ytxsrse pubis T book that you to fix your a that C an Faucets Footboards creak. Pant nakes. Cha's break. Wth to Absok'tey Anything youl have Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 2019 3boms bury Pubbs hing Bloomsbury Pubbs Fiske Countdown to College Fiske. Edward G COLLEGE 9 sin* approach to the competed cobege prep process from the kadinq authority in college admissions Getting ready for cc*ge is a complicated and contusing process — how do you know when to take SAT? you starl A Geek in Japan Garca. IN. JAPAN every tan 01 anirne. J•pop, o' Zen. A Geek Japan is a hip. smart and to the land that IS theg and a 01 topes m Shott art&S by sidebars and Stuff Every Wine Snob Should Know Monosott. MeEsa Qu" Writers Artists' 2öi9 ThÉ bestsemg gude to an areas of publishing and the media S compkteb' revised and updated every year. The Yearbook packed wth advCe. nspiration and practkal gudance on who to contact and to get pubbs he'd. Foreword by Joanne sV'14 Put of tos. trivia, and useful ho•w-tOS. this pocket-sted handbook is the perfect gdt tor wine Wine is one 01 the words Okiest beverages and theex neve' tken a better time to fill a glass w•ith the fruit ot the vine. W'hether Careers For Dummies Feeling stuc k? Find out how to work tcnvard the career ot your dreams It you're s bgging through your days a boring or unrewarding Db. it may be tinme to make a change _ Careers For Dummies a comprehensive career gude trom a top Copyright Netanel, Nei Wenstcxk Ox tord Universny press In Copy rOht: What Everyone Needs to Knows integectual prockrty Neil Weinstoc k Netanel gudes through the murky Tynarnks of rtK_xiern copyrOht From the bass purpose of copyrOht hw to a glimpse at what the . or 5 Steps to a 5: AP Macroeconomics 2019 Do-fie. Erk: R. Graw• Educatbn A PERFECT PLAN FOR THE PERFECT SCORE score-Rasng Features Include: • 4 practice exams. 2 the bcok • 2 on Cross •Platform • Hundreds ot practte exercises with thorough answer ex planationS • ComprehensVe The Writing Book Grenv"e, Kate Anen & Unwil A cornpkteb• practÉaJ workbcok that offers dcwn-to-earth deas and suggestions for wrters or asp•rng writers to get you started and to keep you gong. Practice Makes Perfect Intermediate ESL Reading and Comprehension (EBOOK) Enge-hardt Diarr G raw- H" EdLßatbn Take your skE to the next Ä'eI and get wore meaning out ot the EngSh language Reading Engksh texts that are created especiab' for ESL students you is a crikalpart to Sear rung the hoguage. that dcrs not mean you nave to be Applied Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction OUP Oxford mathematics plays a role in many ddletent fields especialty the scences and engineerinu Goriew expians its nature and its relationship to pure mathematics and flu ough a varety of applications — such as mathematical mode"nq to The Weather Handbook The Weather is the essential guile to how the weather is Iotmed. woviiing readers with the abdny to mk at the sky and interpret ds sons and this mlotmaton provided by mcasts to assess tot The Scientific Method Di Wntra. OUP Oxtotd This discusses and explains in a Ckar. Ccyxise. and Colloquial Style the loundatonal concepts that determine how Scence m oceeds in investigating the natwal and the knowledge it is to provide. It uses Simple tacts to exsiail A Dictionary of Electronics and Electrical Engineering <terféh. Andrew;Szymanski, OUP Oxford This dtbonary includes demt6ns of the terms theories and macttes in the area of electronics and ekctrical science and engineering It hciudes coverage of circuits pmver, systems. magnetic devices, control theory. commune abons , What Motivates Getting Things Done Mary & Pt&trrs Mary Lamia explores the emotional Wes of Ikop'e who are successful in the' endeavors—both w ocrastinators and non-procrastinators alike—to ate how human motivation works arui how to make the most ot it, Alsuates how so-cakd „ Best Selling Fiction Titles Books that are definitely worth a read • our Best Se" F k:tön Just Arrived! We' re adding hundreds Of great titks eac h rnonth. John Wiley Bestsellers Bestsekrs trom John Wey New titles from Cambridge university press New ttkS from Urwersty Press. Global Ebook Bestseller List The authorlattve reccNd Of top•semq E'"h language ebooks. Gift Certiticates Give the gift Ot reat%no w•nh an Gift Certfrate This is a recurrng newsktter. You SOned up to receMe thS akrt at ww.v.etM' It received ttüS newsletter in error, wish to unsubscrbe or change your meterences *ase ckk here. , Level I, 62 Bawk•.v Terrace. Chrermnt WA Austraua 2012 eBookscon1 All Rights Reserved. Terms of use and Licenses Contact Us