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vom 23.10.2017

Fibre cardate e pettinate in piĆ¹ di 100 colori pronti stock service. Per infeltrimento ad ago e ad acqua e per filatura. Tessuti per nunofelting e batik.

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Clicca ul DHG? shop: A NEW MOOD AREA IS NOW AVAILABLE ON LINE. Where are we going to take you this time? To Genoa, Ze:na as the people from Genoa call it. Our guides on this unforgettable trip are 2 Genoese women born and bred: STEFANIA & FEDERICA In love with hand spinning for years, not only have they taken us around their city but they have made 5 amazing yarns inspired by Ze:na itself for If you fancy finding out more about these 2 extraordinary artists, read Annalisa's interview. We have mixed Stefania and Federica's yarns with other materials and used them to create just as many unique pieces, full of infusions and influences. Just like Ze:Na. Fancy a look? Just visit our Mood page. Psss... we almost forgot... you can find all the products used for these pieces at a special price: Seeing the 'Lanivendole' work, we fell in love with hand spinning and seen as we didn't have any video tutorials about this technique we said to ourselves that we just couldn't miss out on this perfect opportunity. We are pleased to present the first video about hand spinning with Lanivendole feat. DHG. oooooo PLEASE NOTE: Copyright C' 2015 All rights reserved This mail is send to To not receive our newsletter, you can unsubscrive unsubscr;h :