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'Natural remedies, herbal supplements, herbal remedies, plant extracts and health information to support natural weight loss, aging gracefully, men’s health and women’s health.' /

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Earn Double R)ints on ANY order! Plus fitness tips, see inside 'These state P duct priæs are subject to change without n BOTANIC CHOICE GREAT HEALTH SINCE 1910 FREE SHIPPING ON ORDERS $50+ Joint 2 Dåys Only POINTS • —Any Order SHOP NOW expires 5-17-1&• TURMERIC & CURCUMIN What's the Difference? What is turmeric? Turmeric is the yellowish powder used to flavor foods such as curry. For centuries it's been used in India for a variety Of health issues. What is curcumin? Curcumin is the active chemical constituent in turmeric, so it is naturally more potent. It's been studied extensively and is now one of the most popular supplements. Which is better to take? It depends. Many prefer turmeric for basic comfort, especially )oints. Since ib stronger, curcumin can offer even greater joint comfort along with more potent antioxidants. Botanic Choice offers four options of Turmeric and Curcumin. SHOP NOW Looking for a fitness jumpstart or inspiration to recharge your workout? CLICK HERE Offer Expires: 5-17-18 100% Money Back Guarantee Forward to a Friend Can the Paleo Diet Lead to Weight Gain? CLICK HERE web code: DLPTSFS HEALTHY Rewards diagnos Mv Account I About us I Contact I Privacy Policy ts not been evaluated by the Food & Drug administratioty These p d cts re or disease Due to their unique re not intended to d cliniel nutrition, re provided compensation for their Discounts and pro s are valid for one time use only end N t valid on Orderfmm Print Cat—log orders Free Shipping offer applies ot be combined or applied to end nd.rd Shipp' to St. apply to expedited, air and international sh This email wu ænt to by Botanic d/b/a onlb" addition—Ife Bota nic Botanic IN 46342-1751 For-wad to a friend Copyright @ 2018 Botan c Botanic 3401 W Holm-t. IN 46342-1751 Holm-t Garde. All Rights