AIRTURN AirTurn News - Happy Father's Day Specials  😎


vom 13.06.2018

"At the end of the day, I need a device I can depend on. I highly recommend the AirTurn to any gigging musicians out there who is using the iPad. Not for just the ...
AIRTURN freedom to perform Happy Father's Day This Sunday I have the privilege of joining my 92 year old father, my son, grandchildren and lots of family for a four generations Father's day. I am very grateful for the joy and challenges my role as a dad has given To all you dads reading this, have a wonderful Fathers day and enjoy some great family time. Lester Karplus, Director, AirTurn Time to upgrade Dad to the 21st Century? Need a backup unit? Grab a deal on one of our best-selling products today! off DUO and MANOS product' from Wednesday June 14th through Sunday June 17th. Save $14.85 on the AirTurn DUO The DUO is our best wireless foot switch for professional musicians. Both silent and rugged, this performance ready controller is ready for millions of hits. Use DAD15 coupon code at checkout to get your AirTurn DUO for only $84.15 and US shipping is free. Save $7.35 and Secure Your Tablet The very best way to hold your tablet is with a MANOS Universal Tablet holder. Save $7.35 this week with the DAD15 discount coupon and pay only $41.65. Or, get the MANOS with a steel Side Mount Clamp, save $8.85, and pay only $50.15. MIDI and Open Pairing Coming Soon... Two really big features are coming to PED, PEDpro and DIGIT Ill very soon! Open Pairing will allow you to pair your PED, PEDpro or DIGIT Ill independently to up to 8 different devices. While they cannot be used at the same time, it will be easy to switch between hosts very easily. If you still want to pair the old way, particularly if you always stay connected to the same device or play in a band with many AirTurn devices, no problem. With Power off, hold the MODE button and press the power button and you are back in the old method. nual With our latest version coming soon, you will able to program MIDI signals or controlst with the latest AirTurn Manager. Be on the lookout for more information on how to use a your PED or PEDpro with popular apps such as Garage Band, ProTools and other DAWS. O Copyright C 2018 AirTurn, A1] rights reserved. Our mailing address is: 1668 Valtec Lane Ste G Boulder, CO 80301 Want to change how you receive these emails? You can or unsubscribe from this list.