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AIDANCE SCIENTIFIC What makes poison ivy itch Late summer and fall hikes are great for getting out into nature before winter sets in and we re all locked inside for months on end But whether you re heading out camping heading out to see the autumn leaves change or just taking a stroll through the woods you ll most likely to come into contact with poison ivy How it works A rash from poison ivy is an allergic reaction A very lucky 15 of people aren t allergic to the chemical in poison ivy sap that causes the rash but for the rest of us urushiol causes our immune system to go wild lt doesn t take much sometimes just one billionth of a gram is enough White blood cells rush to the area and cause damage to skin tissue resulting in a red itchy rash allergic contact dermatitis 52 III éf aa 0 Um 4 msn mu téff a um neun onnch t If you get poison ivy don t scratch Scratching can breakyour skin ahd cause infection Use a gentle skin soothing anti itch ointment If you just couldn t resist and now you re dealing with damaged broken skin reach for terrasil Skin Repair to calm the area and work on closing those wounds This weekend only Buy one get one free on all our Mom of 11 Kids mom and baby products Just use the code MOMCARES at checkout Valid through 9 18 on aidanceproducts com only Does not include bundles Cannot be combined with other promo codes See all our products Copyright 2017 Aidance Skincare All rights reserved You re receiving this e mail because you opted in Change your preferences any time Our mailing address is Aidance Skincare P O Box 2182 Woonsocket RI 02985 Add us to your address book Want to change how you receive these emails You can update your preferences or unsubscribe from this list