TOOLSTOP DEWALT XR and FlexVolt: The Power to Work Smarter


vom 10.05.2018

We offer professional power tools and hand tool deals, finance on orders over GBP 200, free next day delivery to the UK and first class customer service.
Free FlexVoIt Battery With Selected Kits THE POW TO WOR RTE HOME OFFERS View in browser Unsubscribe CLEARANCE VIEW ALL DEWALT DCK694P3 18V Brushless 6 Piece Kit With 3 x 5Ah Batteries and 2 x DS300 Kitboxes Deposit EO 10 Paymentsof E75.90 Loan Amount E759 VIEW ALL FLEXVOLT E759 @632.50 ex VATI costof G00ds E759 Cost of Credit EO Total Amount payable E759 Representative 0% APR FINANCEAVAILABLE ON ORDERS OVERE200 1 nyoAVAlLABLEON ORDERS OVERESOO TOOL X 0 FINANCE powered by DCK691M3 18',' 6 Piece Cordless Kit With 3 x 4Ah Batteries E679 DCK2059D2T 18V Impact / Drill Driver With 2 x 2Ah Batteries E169 VAI DCK2055T2T Flexvolt Combi Angle Grinder With 2 x 6Ah Batteries E568.36 3162kkVAT) DCK692M3 18V 6 Piece Cordless Kit With 3 x 4Ah Batteries E699 DCK206M2T 18V Combi SDS Hammer With 2 x 4Ah Batteries E310 :€25833 FLEXVOLT KITS DCK2057T2T Flexvolt Combi Recip Saw With 2 x 6Ah Batteries E579 VAT DCK665P3T 18V 6 Piece Cordless Kit With 3 x 5Ah Batteries E799 DCK264P2 18V Nailer Twinpack With 2 x 5Ah Batteries E630 (E525 ex VAI DCK2056T2T Flexvolt Combi Circular Saw With 2 x 6Ah Batteries E599 J17ekVAT) FREE XR FLEXVOLT BATTERY WHEN YOU BUY SELECTED FLEXVOLT KITS VIEW ALL FLEXVOLT SAWS AND WORKSTATIONS & Co 'Wtions DW743N Flip Over Saw 250 mm E769 E640.83 ex VATI DWS780 305mm Slide Mitre Saw with XPS 100V or 240V E699 (E582.50 ex VATI DE7400 Rolling Saw Workstation Heavy Duty E114.77 (E95.64 exVAT) DWST1-75676 Folding Sawhorse Pack of 2 E98.99 (E82A9 MORE FLEXVOLT FAVOURITES DCM572X1 Flexvolt Brushless Blower With a 9Ah Battery E332 (E276.67 u VATI DCS380N 18V Reciprocating Saw Body Only E147 VATI DCG412N 18V 125mm Grinder Body Only E99 (E82.5C VAT) DCB12710.8V 2Ah Battery E27 (E22.5C VAT) DCBIIS Charger + DCB182 4Ah Battery E79 (E65.83 BOSCH Dickies FA23380A Fury Super... E22 ( ex Bahco 4750-QRFB-I Nylon Padded... {E7.5C ex VATI DCM5713X1 Flexvolt String Trimmer With a 9Ah Battery E339 ex VATI DCSS75T2 Flexvolt 190mm Circular Saw With 2 x 6Ah Batteries E415 ex VATI BODY ONLY TOOLS DCF887N 18V BL Impact Driver Body Only E119 (Egg.t7 ex DCS570N 18V BL Circular Saw 184mm Body Only E180 DCD785N 18V Combi Drill Body Only E59 DCS3SSN 18V BL Multi-Tool 29 Accessories Body Only E145 (E12C.83 u VATI BATTERIES & CHARGERS DCB18218V XR 4Ah Battery from E55 ex VAT) DCBI 15 Charger + DCB184 5Ah Battery E99 (E82.5C DCB184 XR 18V 5Ah Battery from E62 ex VAT) DCBIIS XR 10.8v-18V Charger E30 (E25 DCS365N 18V 184mm Mitre Saw Body Only E299 (E2cg.17 ex VATI DCM565N 18V BL Chainsaw 30cm Body Only E230 exVAT} DCB546 18V/54V FlexVolt 6Ah Battery E106 (08.33 VATI DCB113 10.w-18V Compact Charger E25 (E2C83 VATI PREFER ANOTHER BRAND? MORE TOOLS RECOMMENDED FOR YOU HITACHI Abracs ABFZI 158060 pro Zirconium... (E7.C8 Milwaukee M18 BPP2C-402C Li-ion... E264 (E220.oo ex makita metabo PREFER ANOTHER? LET US KNOW HERE Makita ER2600L 2 Stroke... E119 (Egg. 17 ex VATI Makita DLX2113S Two Piece Combo... E185 ex VAT) Leica 757938 Tri 100 Aluminum... E33 (E27sa ex Makita DUR365UZ 36V cordiess... E179 0% APR FINANCE PAY LATER, NO FREE UK DELIVERY ON ORDERS OVER E49 BACK INSTOCK Back in Stock 60 DAY RETURNS ON UNWANTED ITEMS SPREAD THE COST Milwaukee is Back at Toolstop! We have a range of new kits arriving thatyou will not want to miss! Have a look at... Read more Toolstop Finance Whether you're needing one essential tool, upgrading or replacing your Oentire workshop, Toolstop Finance is the ideal.. Read more Which trade are you in? c o NSTRUCT'ON ELECTRICAL LANDSCAPING PLUMBING WOODWORKING IS YOUR TRADE NOT LISTED? You can let us know more aboutyou... Tell us about yourself Braintree TOOLSTOP PayPal Free Next Day Üeiivenj ony Circte:-s must be E49 cr euer co qualify. 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